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New Canaan

Nutritional Counseling

Personal Training Professionals of New Canaan offers the finest, medically based, nutrition education and weight control programs you can find.

Nutritional Counseling PTP New Canaan, CT

Our registered dietitian has worked with medical professionals in the area of cardiac rehabilitation, oncology, weight control and diabetes education. We can help you modify and maintain healthy new dietary habits through a variety of programs.

Programs include:

PTP's "Choose to Lose" Nutrition Program

Provided by our registered dietitian focuses on attaining life-long results through individual, medically based nutrition education and weight programs.

Individual Nutrition Counseling

We measure your body composition to a baseline and analyze your diet for calories and nutrients. This is valuable information to the development of your specifically designed nutrition program which is tailored to fit your needs.

Nutrition Seminars

The latest in nutrition news is presented in 45-60 minute seminars. This presentation may be in a large group forum or in a smaller more intimate round table discussion.

PTP New Canaan registered dietitian discussing a nutritional program with a PTP client. Here's just a sampling of the kinds of things that may be included in your program:

  • Calculating the best balance of proteins, fats, and carbohydrates
  • Weight control for people on the go
  • Vitamin & mineral supplements: use and abuse
  • Examining your risk of osteoporosis
  • Food as fuel: nutrition and the athlete
  • Reducing your risk of cancer
  • Food facts and fallacies
  • Vegetarianism: pros and cons
  • And much more!